Homemade jams you will love


Raspberry and Lime Tingle,delicious. fresh raspberries with a zesty lime kick!

Blackberry and Fig preserve,my favourite at the moment,but that could change at any time!

Freja`s  Fruity  Jam,a gorgeous jam made from blackberries,pineapple and lots of other fruity goodies.mmmm

named after my gorgeous daughter.

Rhossili  Relish! a delicious relish made from blackberries,apples and other gorgeous goodies.

fabulous used with chicken,turkey or cheese.  mmmm

Mewslade  Marmalade.

a gorgeous Seville orange  marmalade with a generous measure of WELSH WHISKEY.Dark rich flavour,very good on good bread,waffles,pancakes,hot toast.

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