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Some Lovely Reviews ;)

from Twitter …. “Blown Away,quite literally,by the Amazing “Jack`s on Fire” Chilli Sauce from@estelledaviesjo. The Best sauce I`ve  EATEN in an age,Superb. another from Twitter …. I Just sneaked some Chilli sauce , it`s Amazing ,  best i  have  ever had, perfect heat ….

New HOMEMADE Mango Chutney ,Sweet and Spicy.

A gorgeous tasty chutney with my own twist on it! ,  fabulous flavour`s  of fresh pineapple and apple ,with a combination of my special mix of spices and chili, my own combination as usual. A real taste tingling sensation for your  taste buds ;)Home made by myself very yummy on cheese,poppadoms,crackers,as a side dish to Indian […]

Carrot Cake Jam made today and Chilli Relish

Made a gorgeous CARROT CAKE JAM today,it is delicious on toast, fresh bread ,good with a strong welsh cheese,and fabulous drizzled on vanilla ice cream. mmmm My Homemade Chili Relish is fabulous on cheese,pasta added to stir fry`s, added to chili con carne,fab on wraps with lettuce and chicken,gorgeous added to your cooking to spice […]